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The Effect of the Cold War on Stem Education - 3949 Words

The Effect of the Cold War Arm’s Race on STEM Occupations during the Cold War Ketib Oldiais Mr. Kelley IB Asian and European History HL 00450- A. Plan of Investigation 5 marks During the Cold War, the struggle for power between the communists of Soviet Russia and the pro-democracy politicians of the United States escalated in numerous proxy wars, acts of espionage, and potential nuclear warfare. Behind it all however, the Cold War was a breeding ground for competition in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. From the 1960s, upon the spark of the Space Race with the Soviet Launch of Sputnik, to the 1990s with the reunion of East and West Germany, the Cold War was a period of increase in occupations related to†¦show more content†¦Both sides clearly understood the power of having the best possible weaponry, something that could only be attained with the brightest minds. Gone were the days were having the most men would win the battle; the Cold War was an era of scientific and technological progress. Even in the American education system, trends in doctorate degrees were evident enough of th e public’s enthusiasm in participating in a new, fruitful field. From 1971 to 1985, the number of engineering and engineering technology master’s and doctorate degrees increased from 16,443 to 21,555 degrees. (National Science Board, Science and Engineering Indicators 2008, Figure 3-1). It is very evident that the American people were just as concerned about national security and patriotism at the time than the politicians were. From 1950, there were less than approximately 500,000 STEM employees. By 1960, this figure had increased to approximately 1.25 million, by 1970 at least 1.75 million, and by 1980 about 2.5 million ((National Science Board, Science and Engineering Indicators 2008, Figure 3-1). (Refer to appendix 1 for a more accurate line graph of this trend.) It is important to note however, that all these growth spurts were sparked by the technological, scientific, engineering, and mathematical advancements that both the Soviet Union and the United States accomplished. It was during the Cold War that atomic energy, the most powerful energy that could possibly beShow MoreRelatedThe National Defense Education Act1901 Words   |  8 PagesIn America, the state of education has always been a pressing concern, perhaps now more than ever. Improving education has been proven to strengthen the nation time and time again, specifically with regard to science, mathematics and technology. Ten years after the start of the Cold War on October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first ever man-made satellite, Sputnik-1. This action by the Soviets caused immediate concern for the educational system in the United States because this launch provedRead MoreProgressive Education in the 1970s Essay1222 Words   |  5 PagesDid Progressive Education Permeate in an Immigrant High School in 1970s? At the end of the nineteenth century, progressive movements emerged and affected many aspects of the United States such as education, culture and politics. Since the rapidly increase of enrollment in high school in this period, educators and reformers desired a apt method to teach these students and debated what should be involved in curriculum. The ideals of progressive education led by John Dewey, who is an American philosopherRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1436 Words   |  6 Pagescontinue to be stigmatized by the media, stem from the 1970’s and how the government manipulated the information regarding marijuana for its own agenda. To understand how America came to believe that marijuana users were dangerous and a threat to America, one must go back to Richard Nixon’s and Ronald Reagan’s presidency and their stance towards marijuana. In order to shift public perceptions negatively towards marijuana, Nixon and Reagan began this massive war against drugs and were able to convinceRead MoreWhen Thinking Of Life Skills Needed For After High School1498 Words   |  6 Pagesimportant? Is it academic knowledge for higher education and careers? Financial literacy? What about how to feed oneself and nutrition? ProStart is a culinary program for high school students under the Family Consumer Science (FCS) Department that teaches not only how to feed oneself, but also leadership skills and nutrition to make better eating choices- promoting a healthier lifestyle for the individual’s future. Because of budget cuts in the education department, and the focus on science, technologyRead MoreThe Never Ending Cycle1441 Words   |  6 Pagesnot value people of wage labor. In our society today poverty is a never-ending cycle that feeds off itself, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. There are three main factors that can be brought up when talking about the cycle of poverty; education, nutrition, and redistribution of wealth. Without a strong foundation in all of these categories, a society will never have a class system without large gaps, and with gaps in a society come class antagonisms. Society needs to work together inRead MoreThe Profiling Of Muslims At North American Borders1564 Words   |  7 Pagesby Islamic extremist group named Al-Qaeda, produced widespread fear through terrorism and ever since border security in North America has been on high alert (Schwartz 2010). Muslims face the most problems when it comes to immigration because of the ‘war on terror. Even though many of these individuals are innocent, society labels them as terrorists, based on the assum ptions of their practiced religion, that being Islam. The religious profiling of Muslims at North American borders has become prominentRead MoreThe American Revolution-Eight Long Years852 Words   |  4 Pagesthe American Revolutionary War and the War of Independence, lasted from 1775 to 1783. It stemmed from growing tensions between England’s 13 North American colonies and the colonial government representing England, as well as cost sharing imposed on English colonies by successive governments in London for debts attributed to former wars (Foner, 2012). The â€Å"cost sharing† encompassed a variety of measures including taxation on goods produced in the colonies, efforts to stem widespread smuggling andRead MoreThe Conflict Between the Ukraine and Russia Essay1614 Words   |  7 PagesRussia is the Ukraines most long-standing and deadly crisis; since its post-Soviet independence began as a protest against the government dropping plans to forge closer trade ties w ith the European Union. The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine stems from more than twenty years of weak governance, the government’s inability to promote a coherent executive branch policy, an economy dominated by oligarchs and rife with corruption, heavy reliance on Russia, and distinct differences between UkrainesRead MoreThe Cost of Funding American Public Schools 1495 Words   |  6 Pagesdue to lack of employment opportunities, there has been great demand in education reform with regards to laws and funding (Grubb). In 1958, education reform was propelled forward by one of the biggest contributors for America’s public education system stemming from the National Defense Education Act (NDEA). On September 2, 1958, the act was signed, initiating a program that poured billions of dollars into the U.S. education system. Funding supported programs that furthered the nation’s advancementsRead MoreWhy is Africa so under-developed?1653 Words   |  7 Pageslargest continent and the second most populated continent behind Asia. Africa is the poorest and the most undeveloped continent in the world, and is commonly referred to as a ‘Third World Continent’. The term ‘Third World’ came around during the Cold War to classify countries/continents that remained self-governing with a capitalist or communist government. This definition allows us to categorise the nations of the world into three groups based on social, political, and economic distribution. These

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Best Buy Case Analysis - 4374 Words

I. MissionBest Buy has been changing their mission statement through the years which can be looked at as their weakness not being able to provide a stable one. Our formula is simple: were a growth company focused on better solving the unmet needs of our customers-and we rely on our employees to solve those puzzles. Thanks for stopping. Companys mission in 2005: Best Buy mission is to bring technology and consumers together in a retail environment that focuses on educating consumers on the features and benefits of technology and entertainment products. Revised Mission statement: Best Buys mission is to bring technology and consumers together in a retail environment. We strive to meet and exceed our customers expectations and†¦show more content†¦Their House brands line is poor and sales revenues are low compared to other product lines. They should focus more on improving that. This could harm the company as well as its revenues. 2.Higher or train more skilled peopleEven though they have a popular line of blue shirt workers they still need more specific help people for different areas. Geek Squad workers are limited in number and time and cannot always be of assistance. Also people feel neglected because of large store size. 3.Low gross marginsThe company experienced lower than industry average gross margins, in fiscal 2005. The companys gross margins were 23% as compared to the technology retail industry average of 28% (fiscal 2005). Furthermore, the companys gross margins reduced by 0.1% in 2005. Lower gross margins for the company, as compared to its competitors, reflects poorly on the companys operations. 4.Limited working hours and fewer stores compared to main competitor Wal-Mart5.Still Week presence in international markets Dollar appreciation6.Still unclear vision and mission statement7.Too much bureaucracyC. Opportunity1.Large demand for the latest and greatest gadgets. With the release of new OS Windows 7 Best Buy can drive computer or software sales, or the release of new Apples iPhone. The immense popularity of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox or PS3 may also drive up sales of consumer electronics as well as entertainment software. 2.Potential for greater international expansion.Show MoreRelatedBest Buy Case Analysis643 Words   |  3 PagesBest Buy Case Analysis In 1966 Best Buy began as a single location car and home stereo store founded by Richard Shulze in Minnesota. Now the company is an electronic superstore that has thousands of stores throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Asia. Best Buy has set themselves apart from its competitors, and have been successful for decades. The electronic superstore sells consumer electronics, home office equipment, appliances, and electronic services. Best Buy showed that they were the electronicRead MoreBest Buy Case Analysis4621 Words   |  19 PagesBest buy Case Analysis case #2 ABSTRACT Best Buy is a multinational retailer of technology and entertainment products and services operating in both domestic and international markets, including Canada, China, Europe and Mexico. With headquarters in Minnesota, Best Buy has more than 1,050 domestic locations and more than 165,000 employees (Best Buy Co., Inc., 2013). It is the largest consumer electronics retailer with a market capitalization of $9.18 billion and revenues over $50 billion in 2012Read MoreBest Buy Case Analysis4438 Words   |  18 PagesCase Analysis Current Situation â€Å"Our formula is simple: we’re a growth company focused on better solving the unmet needs of our customers—and we rely on our employees to solve those puzzles. Thanks for stopping. Richard Schulze started Best Buy and grew it to a million dollar company within four years. The future CEO of Best Buy learned that diversification in the stores’ offerings and serving various target segments led to increased market share. After going public in 1985, Best Buy changedRead MoreBest Buy Individual Case Analysis2857 Words   |  12 PagesBrad Smith Background and Problem Statement – Best Buy Company, Inc. is the world’s largest specialty retailer of name-brand consumer electronic products. Product categories include home office, consumer electronics, entertainment software, and major appliance products. The Company currently offers over 6,000 products in these product categories. During fiscal 2000, the Company increased its store count by approximately 15%, with the addition of 47 new stores, including nine small-marketRead MoreBest Buy Case Analysis Essay examples1450 Words   |  6 PagesBest Buy Case Analysis Nature of Industry, Market, and Buying Behavior Best Buy is a retail store with over 600 stores nationwide and over a thousand around the world. It is the major retailer store for electronics around the world and leads top ranked followed by Circuit City, Wal-Mart and Costco. The consumer electronics industry is growing steadily over the past few years. 2008’s projected revenue is expected to increase by 6.1%. This isn’t higher than 2007 but it is higher compared to otherRead MoreBest Buy Has The Blues ( Shirts ) Case Analysis Essay890 Words   |  4 PagesBest Buy Has the Blues (Shirts) Case Analysis Problem Statement CEO Brad Anderson’s strategy for Best Buy is based on the customer-centric model and has proved to be successful. However, the company must continue to adapt their products and business approach without relying on building new stores to offset revenue of the existing stores. Anderson’s customer-centric model can also limit the stores from gaining potential, new customers in the area because of its focus on specific groups in the communityRead MoreAnalysis Of Showrooming At Best Buy, Details The Struggles Of Brick And Mortar Companies Competing With Online Retailers Essay1245 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction: The following case analysis, Showrooming at Best Buy, details the struggles of brick and mortar companies competing with online retailers. Best Buy, a major retailer of electronic goods, decides to permanently price match their online competitors. Using references from the 11th edition of business essentials, this paper will determine the pros and cons of permanent price matching, and how other companies are dealing with the increase in online shopping. The issue of showrooming willRead MoreDecision Maker At Loyalty New Zealand1545 Words   |  7 Pages Case Study Analysis â€Å"Decision maker at loyalty New Zealand† is a real situation case study analysis for Fly buys. It describes the decision making by Chris Lamer for the continuous growth of Fly buys in New Zealand. It explained that Fly buys is the top fifth largest loyalty program all around the world. It was established by Bank of New Zealand, Food stuffs Ltd and Greenstone energy Ltd with some other companies to recognise and reward the new and existing consumers of New Zealand for their consumingRead MoreBest Buy Uncovers Angels in the Market Case Study1353 Words   |  6 PagesBest Buy Uncovers Angels in the Market Case Summary: Best Buy specializes in a variety of products that focus on making life easier and more fun for consumers, by educating customers on the features and benefits of technology and entertainment products. While Best Buy has 1,200 retail stores across the United States it operates in a highly competitive market. To cope with this competitive market Best Buy specializes in collecting data from its stores to discover what its customers want andRead MoreReal Estate and Capital Structure Decisions – Lease-Versus-Buy Analysis1159 Words   |  5 PagesTable of Contents I. Introduction 3 Overview 3 The Company 3 Situational Analysis 3 II. Case Analysis 3 Considerations 3 Purchasing 4 Recommendation 5 III. Summary Conclusions 5 IV. References 5 V. Appendix 6 I. Introduction Overview This case provides real estate market data for the analysis of an office lease-or-buy decision. The case demonstrates what is known as the â€Å"leasing puzzle† – the answer simply being that the two forms of financing are not cost equivalent in

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Living through the Narrative Antoinette’s Search for...

Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea (1966) presents some of the complicated issues of postcolonial Caribbean society. Rhys’ protagonist, Antoinette Cosway, a white Creole in Jamaica, suffers racial antagonism, sexual exploitation and male suppression. She is a victim of a system, which not only dispossessed her from her class but also deprived her as an individual of any means of meaningful, independent survival and significance. However, Antoinette’s narrative perpetuates her agency and validates her quest for self and identity. Postcolonial Caribbean society is not able to address and enhance the expectations of the colonized people after its emancipation but lingers on and sustains in the older residues of colonial project. Emancipation does not offer a new structure, power relations and hierarchies but leaves the gaps and complications for more dangerous clashes and differences. Antoinette in Wide Sargasso Sea is not able to gain her identity and respectable recognition. Antoinette is crushed under her husband’s (an unnamed Englishman) colonial prejudice and is segregated to the status of the other. I take the liberation of calling Antoinette’s unnamed English husband Rochester from this point forward as this novel has drawn scholarly attention as a prequel to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Rhys herself says that she wanted to rewrite the story of marginalized Jamaican woman, who is misrepresented and silenced by a western writer. I think it gives me a valid reason to call

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Contract Law Networked Knowledge

Question: Discuss about the Contract Law for Networked Knowledge. Answer: Introduction: Consideration is the benefit which is enjoyed by both the parties or what they expect to get from the contractual relation they enter in. For a contract to be valid in the promise so made there must be a consideration present, or may be payment of some kind to the promisor for the promise so made. In our example here Jane offers to give Lotus Sports Car to Jack but here Jane hasnt asked Jack any amount in return. So, it will be an act of gift as there is no consideration from the promise to the promisor. Suppose if a friend offers a gift to another without asking any in return- the arrangement so made will not be termed as a contract because the friend did not ask something or a pay in return for the promise so made. Similarly, in our case Jane offered the car whereas she didnt ask any money in return for the car. Here there is no consideration that is moving from Jack to Jane . A contract is based on exchange of promises but here the promise is moving from only one side . Here one party will get the benefit but the other party will not be in a detriment position. So this is a case of gift and law does not see gift as a contract unless it is made under a deed. So the contract is not enforceable by law because by the law of contract there is no bilateral contract and no return consideration from the promisee to promisor. For example , if my uncle promoises to give me money to buy a house , without anything in return , then it is a promise to make a gift. And I cannot force or sue my u ncle to enforce the contract as the contract is without consideration and not enforceable by law. The law states that it is not necessary for a contract to be adequate but it has to be sufficient. It means that the consideration should be of some value, whether it is appropriate or not to complete the contract. The court will see in the matter whether there is exchange of value and will term it as adequate only when they have agreed to enter into the contract readily and without any force. The court is not affected by whether the parties have received equal value or not. We will see an example case of White v Bluett, where Bluett sued his fathers will for an outstanding debt of his father and he claimed that he was promised by his father that it would be returned to his son. In exchange his father asked his son to stop complaining. Here the Court held that the consideration was not real as it didnt have any economic value in return for the promise and regarded the son still liable for the debt. The exchange of promise must be tangible for the contract to be legally enforceable. In the case of Thomas v Thomas(1842) , here the case was to give a house on rent for Euro 1 p.a and also to keep the premise in good condition. Hence it was seen by the court that the payment and promise to keep the house in a good condition was considered to be a consideration for the contract and made it legally binding. Though the payment was not adequate but it was still sufficient for the binding contract. It is not necessary that there must be full return.Even in our case Jane offered to sell his Lotus sports car 7 for $2500 instead of $25000. This contract was considered to be legal though the amount was not adequate. In such situatuion the contract is enforceable by law because though the amount is not adequate but there is some monetary value in returm. And also, they case may be that such amount might be sufficient for the party. Here the court is not responsible to see if the parties made a good or a bad bargain or whether they received equal value or not. Hence, the contract is valid and enforceable by law. Consideration is the price which the promisor asks from the promise in exchange for the promise made by them.In every valid contract there is a change in the position of both the party one party receives a benefit and the other suffers a detriment. The consideration must move from the promisee to the promisor at the request of the promisor. In our case, Jane offers to sell her Lotus sports car 7 to Jack at the value of $25000. Also, the market value is same. Hence, it is a valid consideration.The consideration needs not be past ,but it can be present or future. In our case the consideration is present . The consideration has to be real and not illusionary. For example, A promised to pay $200 extra to a doctor if he operates his son succesfully. This consideration is illusionary and not real as the doctor is already bound to perform his duty. In our case we see that all the legalities of the consideration exist in this offer and thereby we see that it is a valid contract. The consideration has to move from the promisees end to the promisor. We will see the case of Tweddle vs Atkinson (1861) a couple got married. The father of the groom and the brides father made a contract that they will both pay a sum of money to the couple as a blessing from their end. First, the brides father died and after some day when the grooms father thought os suing he also died and therefore could not sue for the contract made.Then, the groom made a claim against the wills executor. Here the final verdict was that the groom was not entitle to enforce the contract as neither he was a party to the agreement nor he made the contract and also the consideration did not move from his end. In our case the consideration will move from Jack to Jane thereby satisfying the essentiality of the validity of contract. Consideration is a benefit that they expect to receive when two parties enter into a contract or the benefits they enjoy by entering into such contracts. The law states that the promisee must provide some consideration to the promisor for the promise made and for the agreement to be binding. Past consideration is not enforceable by law. If an act has already been performed then by the reference to that act any subsequent payment will not be enforceable as per the law. If a person has an obligation to do an act in question then the promise of doing it or actually doing it will not be regarded as consideration for an additional payment. Economic Duress -Duress is a situation when one party exerts illegitimate pressure on another party which is in a weaker position to enter into an contract. To prove that there is an economic duress a party has to prove three points which are : There was a continuous ongoing contract between both the parties. 1. The defendant threatened to terminate the pre existent contract and which would duly affect the plaintiff position. 2. Under the duress by the defendant the weaker party has agreed to enter the contract with the changed terms and conditions. There are two elements by which duress is easily identified: 1. Absence of choice 2. Illegitimate pressure. We will refer to one more case to understand economic duress the case of Occidental Worldwide Investment v Skibs(The Sibeon the Sibotre) In this case the defendant was to buy two charters from the plaintiff. The defendant falsely told the other party that they were about to become insolvent if the other party did not lower the cost of the charter. This was an untrue statement. The claimant already owed a huge amount of money from the other party and they thought that if they did not lower the cost then the company would become insolvent and they would lose their money. So they renegotiated the contract and lowered the price according to the defendant. However, later on they decided to to set aside the contract. The judgement in this case was that though the contract would be voidable due to economic duress but this was not in this case Here there was no coercion to enter into the contract and also the commercial pressure was not present in this case. We will see one more example where there was economic duress and the plaintiff had the right to rescind the contract - Universe Tankships vs International transport Workers Federation, The universe Sentinel. The ITWF blacked a ship to prevent it from leaving the port and made huge demands for the pay and also asked for huge sum of money to pay to the Seafarers International Welfare Funds. The ship owners agreed under that that the ship could leave the port and so that they did not make any further loss. And they thought that they will later on recover the amount from the welfare fund. The judgement in this case was that The money was extracted by the ITWF was under economic duress and it could be recovered by the plaintiff. It made the contract voidable at the option of the party. Here as the party had no other choice but to submit and pay the money demanded by them so there was a lack of choice by the plaintiff and therefore economic duress existed and the payment was refunded to th e plaintiff party. Whenever there exist a duress while entering into contract then the law permits the party to escape their contractual obligation by rendering the contact voidable Our case relates to the famous case North Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd v Hyundai Construction Co Ltd (1979). In our case North Ocean Shipping enter in a contract with Hyundai Construction Co. in which Hyundai Construction Co. agreed to build a tanker and the price to be paid was fixed in US Dollars. The payment was to be made in five equal installments But after the contract was entered and after the first installment was paid the US Dollar was devalued by 10% and therefore the Hyundai Construction asked for an additional 10% increase in payment in all the remaining four installments without any legality. Hyundai Constructions made it very clear that without the increase in the payment Hyundai Construction Co. would not construct the tankers any further. North Ocean Shipping already had a client available with whom they expected good profits and who were ready to take the ship but only if the ship was ready on the stipulated time. North Ocean Shipping wanted to maintain an amicable relation and therefore with the fear of losing the client they agreed to pay an additional amount. But later a fter 9 months they filed a case to recover the excess amount paid to Hyundai constructions Co. Here was a case of economic duress because the Hyundai construction was very adamant that it would only accept the excess price without any legal justification to it. That time due to economic duress as the shipping company continued to stay in the contract as a threat that it would affect its economic interest or well being. The contract here was not void but it was voidable at the option of the party which has suffered the duress. And after the contract has been finished and the party didnt act yet then it will be taken as affirmation of the party to the contract and the party will lose the right to take any serious legal action. Even in our case here as there was a lapse of 9 month and the contract was only voidable so, the North Ocean Shipping company lost the right to recover any excess damage paid by them References Moles R, Networked knowledge- contract law casenotes ,viewed 10 August2016, https://netk.net.au/Contract/NorthOcean.asp Contracts entered under duress, viewed 10 August 2016, https://www.e-lawresources.co.uk/Duress.php Duress, viewed 10 August 2016, https://www.australiancontractlaw.com/law/avoidance-duress.html Universe tankship v international transport worker federation,the universe sentinal, viewed 10 August 2016, https://www.e-lawresources.co.uk/Universe-Tankships-v-International-Transport-Workers-Federation%2C-The-Universe-Se.php Contract consideration, viewed 10 August 2016, https://e-lawresources.co.uk/Consideration.php Lady L 2014, Consideration need not be adequate but must be sufficient- contract law, viewed 10 August 2016, https://laoislass.blogspot.in/2014/02/consideration-need-not-be-adequate-but.html Stim R, Consideration: every contract needs it, viewed 10August 2016, https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/consideration-every-contract-needs-33361.html Clarke J 2015, Consideration, viewed 10 August 2016, https://www.australiancontractlaw.com/law/formation-consideration.html Nolo 2006, What makes a contract valid, viewed 10 August 2016, https://www.forbes.com/2006/11/20/smallbusiness-statelaw-gifts-ent-law-cx_nl_1120contracts.html Singh S, What are the legal rules regarding consideration? ,viewed 10 August 2016, https://www.preservearticles.com/2012012621489/what-are-the-legal-rules-regarding-consideration.html

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Enhancement Of Geothermal Electricity Production In Africa The Kenyas Perspective

Introduction Power outages have become a common occurrence in Kenya and Africa in general. Such power outages often occur during dry seasons when the water levels in hydroelectricity generating dams are below the Minimum Operating Levels (MOL).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Enhancement Of Geothermal Electricity Production In Africa: The Kenya’s Perspective specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Therefore, Kenya’s overdependence on hydroelectricity is not tenable in the long term (Ministry of Energy 2011). However, Kenya is well endowed with geographic features such as the Great Rift Valley that makes the country ideal for geothermal electricity production. This research is important to several people and for several reasons. This research is beneficial to the general public, Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen), and Ministry of Energy (MoE) amongst others. The research will act as a basis for p olicy formulation around geothermal electricity generation by Ministry of Energy (MoE). KenGen is the main electricity generating company in the country. This research will help the company understand the challenges faced by Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in geothermal power generation. KenGen can explore such challenges to consolidate its market share. The research will also be critical to power investors keen on power exploration, capacity building, and infrastructure developments amongst other aspects in geothermal power generation. Rationale of study Power energy is going to play a critical role in Kenya’s long term development plan dubbed vision 2030. However, several challenges continue to face hydro and thermal generation of electricity. Hydro generation of electricity is chiefly affected by the changing climatic conditions especially in the context of rain patterns. The thermal energy is not spared either. In the recent past, oil prices at the international level have been relatively unstable and unreliable thus making thermal electricity production very expensive. Oil prices are likely to be relatively expensive and unreliable in the future owing to the changing political fortunes of the oil producing countries and other international issues. The oil itself is a depleting resource, which means that Kenya together with the world needs to move to renewable and environment friendly energy alternatives. These are some of the reasons necessitating this research.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Research objective The chief research objective will be the strategic management in the enhancement of the geothermal electricity production in the country. In achieving the main research objective, the research will utilize several specific questions as outlined below. What are the institutional and policy frameworks that have been put in place t o enhance geothermal electricity production? What are the various geothermal power stations in the country and what are their outputs? What challenges are facing geothermal electricity generation in the country? What measures can be taken to enhance geothermal electricity production in the country? Literature review There are several studies that have been done by other scholars in the context of the enhancement geothermal electricity in Kenya and Africa in general. Some of these scholars include Muriithi (2006), Mbendi (2011), and Oludhe (2006). Oludhe has particularly been noted as an authority on the dangers of overdependence on hydro generation of electricity. His work is one of the major academic works that this paper will utilize. Conclusion The research will have ultimately achieved the following aspects. Contextualizing geothermal electricity production in the country Identifying the challenges facing geothermal electricity production in the country Proposing measures that can be implemented to curb the challenges in the geothermal electricity production in the country Reference Ministry of Energy (2011). Updated Least-cost power Development Plan: Study Period, 2011-2031. Retrieved from http://energy.go.ke/ This essay on Enhancement Of Geothermal Electricity Production In Africa: The Kenya’s Perspective was written and submitted by user Michaela Reeves to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Eating out essays

Eating out essays THE HARD ROCK CAFÉ is a restaurant located near the design district in Dallas, Texas. Few other restaurants surround this one of a kind eatery, making it a great choice for lunch for those who work nearby. Before entering this restaurant, one must ascend a flight of stairs which leads up to an outdoor eating area. On a nice day when this area is full, it can give others a chance to peak at a full table of food and get an idea of what they want to eat. Upon entering the building from outside, the bar, in the shape of an electric guitar, is directly to the left, allowing customers who are in a hurry to pull up a seat and get busy ordering. At this point of entry is where the host welcomes everyone to the restaurant. A lowered dining level conceals the entrance from the guests and allows them to enjoy their environment more readily. A stage is placed at the back of the facility for display. The use of carpet softens that area and invites patrons to take pictures with Elvis. Fluted columns behind the stage add a classical look to the room. The main dining area is dimly lit and the light wood floors makes it easy to move seating around without showing to much damage from the chair and table legs. The use of hard wood floors in this area makes it easier for the staff to keep the restaurant clean. The dark wood tables stand out in the restaurant against the lighter wood used on the floor. The dome situated two levels above the main dining area is painted with clouds and gives the feelings of being outdoors. This could resemble an oculus that allows light in during the day. A second level balcony allows one to eat while enjoying the concert below. JOES CRAB SHACK is a restaurant geared toward the entertainment of people; much like the Hard Rock Caf. Although this restaurant is only one level it has the ability to pack a crowd. Unlike the Hard Rock Caf this restaurant is located in t...

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Economic analysis of an commissioned paper Term

Economic analysis of an commissioned - Term Paper Example However, to overcome these economic challenges, the relevant authorities (including the private and public) should effectively address design, agency problem, and daunting information. Since these challenges have adverse effect on the economic growth and performance of Ontario and Canada, it is important that economic policies (fiscal and monetary) be adjusted to match the current industrial challenges. In particular, fiscal policies, which have a wide spread immediate impact on the economy, should be recommended. Fiscal policies which are effective in addressing market imperfection are government expenditure, sectoral tax provisions, and subsidies. The Ontario government proposed price ceiling and subsidies on specific goods and services, supporting venture capital investments and increased government expenditure as appropriate fiscal policies for addressing industrial market imperfections and challenges. Sustainable fiscal policies advanced by Ontario government through sectoral ne utrality and effective tax policy would be attractive to investors, thus more investments both in infrastructure and services. INTRODUCTION While analyzing effects of fiscal policies on the economic growth and development, it is important to consider both long-run and short-run implications of the proposed fiscal or monetary policy tools. Similarly, the policy maker should take into account the existing relationship between macro-economic variables and fiscal policy frameworks. In this aspect, policy makers should make a clear distinction between classical long-run and Keynesian short-run effects on the economic variable under investigation (Carl, 2008). In analyzing the effects of any fiscal policy on economic growth and development, all the potential simultaneous changes associated with such decision should be accounted for in the policy framework. As demonstrated by a number of researches, in the short-run, fiscal policies are not very effective in bringing significant changes on economic variables of growth and development, thus, Keynesian economic principles are ineffective in the short-run. However, in the long-run, generally, the economy will not benefit from expansionary fiscal policies. It is therefore essential for the government of Ontario to recognize that alterations in government expenditure without an equivalent revenue change will results into imbalanced budget, which will further impact on the economic growth indicators. Electoral process of any country is based on how effective the incoming government is going to deliver on their promises. Voters on the other hand, seek to elect leaders whose policies and manifestos have the potential of improving the living standards and reduce the cost of living to the citizens. Most governments rely on fiscal and monetary policies to deliver their promises to the voters (Walker, 2002). However, fiscal policies directly affect the voters and the economy as a whole. Through economic interventions such as spe cial tax measure and specific subsidies, the government often seeks to deliver on its goals and promises on better economic performance. Ontario is not an exception. The government of Ontario uses fiscal interventions as leading economic and growth policies. A better fiscal policy framework focuses on fostering economic development through work promotion, encouraging investments and savings, and promoting productivity through technological inventions and innovations both in the long-run and short-run. Besides,